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Lutza Consulting and Contracting Firm.

Lutza has the knowledge, experience and skills needed to cover the roof replacement or roof repair process, from inspecting the damages to re-roofing your property. Our priority is proving peace of mind to all of our clients, this is why we offer workmanship and manufacture warranties for all of our projects. Not only are we experts in asphalt shingle roofing but we also offer metal roofing, TPO, clay, slate, and tile roofing.

When you contact our office for roof repair questions, our experienced roofing contractors and inspectors will be able to answer all your questions and educate you on our roofing system installation and materials. Lutza offers free no obligation roof inspections to help you evaluate the condition of you roof.

Lutza's roof repair specialists will be able to help and  guide you through the next steps in the roof repair process.

If you are going through the  insurance claim process, insurance companies often ask for estimates from qualified roofing contractors before they send an adjuster to look at your roof. We are happy to assist you in this process. When the insurance adjuster schedules your roof inspection, we will be available to meet with them on the roof. This saves time for everyone involved.

Lutza offers hassle free no collateral roof financing.


Whether the roof is completely totaled or simply in need of roofing repairs, we will work with your budget and schedule to get the roofing work done as quickly and effectively as possible. We'll schedule the work together, materials will be delivered to your home, and work will be completed as agreed. We will keep your land scaped protected at all tiems and the worksite clean and orderly, and any loose nails will be picked up magnetically when the job is done.

In Lutza material quality is also a priority. Lutza is a certified contractor and proud installer of the number one asphalt shingle leading manufacture brands in the United States, We are insured and bonded.

We are proud to offer the

black streak free asphalt shingles by 


So if you need to get your Texas roof repaired or replaced? Call us now to book your free roof and property damage inspection or stop by our showroom to talk with one of our roof specialist about our great products.

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