Water Damage? We can HELP

When your property suffers from water damage caused by an overflowed toilet, broken pipes, roof leaks, or heavy rainstorm caused by a natural disaster. It is important to eliminate the moisture intrusion quickly to minimize damage. If the effects are not professionally mitigated in a short amount of time mold damage can occur rapidly (within a 24-48 hours in the right conditions). When Lutza Consulting and Contracting is called, we respond immediately to minimize further damage to the structure by using our industry knowledge, specialized equipment, and procedural techniques for water damage restoration.

Examples of what can cause
Water Damage
  • Water heater or sink malfunction

  • Broken pipe in the wall (whether a sudden or slow leak, we can restore the damaged areas)

  • Leaky pipe

  • Roof leak

  • Water intrusion into the structure from exterior damage

  • Broken water line to a refrigerator or ice-maker

  • Broken appliance such as a dishwasher, washing machine or refrigerator causing a flood

  • Flood water from an outside source such as a water main, river, or irrigation system

  • Overflowed toilet

From water extraction to the last coat of paint, Lutza does it all.

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